Samavartana Sanskar, Sodmunj, Just waiting to enter in Grihasthashram,


Samavartana’ means returning home from the Master’s house.  The “Samavartana”, also known as ‘Snana’ (because bathing formed the most  prominent  part  of this ‘Sanskar’) is a usual Hindu sacramental ritual (one of the ‘Sanskars) that was performed at the end  of the ’Brahmacharya’ period and marked the  termination of the student  life. It signifies a person's entry into ‘Grihasthashram’.

This ‘Sanskar ’ was originally performed in the case of those who had finished their entire course of studies and observed all the ‘Vratas’.  The students who simply memorized the texts of the Vedas, without understanding the meaning and without following rules of conduct prescribed for a ‘Brahmachari ’, were excluded from the right of performance of this ritual.